What is a portal framed building?

What is a portal framed building?

Monday 19th February 2018
Atlantic Steel Buildings

One of the most common steel structures used within the UK currently are portal framed buildings. Many companies use this type of steel structure for the benefits it brings. To give an idea of the popularity of steel portal frame buildings in the UK, it is estimated that 50% of constructional steel used is in erecting these structures.

What are steel portal frame buildings?

In simple terms, they are low-rise structures consisting of columns and rafters. These columns and rafters are then connected via moment-resisting connections for superb strength. They are often constructed bay by bay which makes them fast to erect on site. Very often found in sectors such as industrial, warehousing and retail, they are great at enclosing large volumes.

Why is using steel frame portal buildings a popular choice?

Steel frame portal buildings are the go-to choice for many projects for a variety of reasons. Due to their design, they are highly resistant to lateral and vertical movement. This rigidity in the structure makes them very stable and strong. They are also simple to erect and can be constructed quickly which is vital to many companies.

Many portal frame buildings to choose from

Another great feature of this type of structure is that there are many different options, depending on your needs. Here are just a few you can choose from:

Pitched roof symmetric - this type of portal frame structure is normally made from UB sections with a large eaves haunch section. This type is very common for uses like large warehousing facilities.

Tied frame - in this type of portal frame building, a tie is introduced to reduce the horizontal and vertical movements within the rafters/columns. It can also help make the structure more secure by reducing the spread, if it is a crane-supporting structure.

Cellular beam - one of the more popular types of steel frame portal buildings now is this one. It gives a softer, more rounded look when finished which is great for public spaces. The rafters are made from cellular beams to give this look and also provide longer spans.

Let Atlantic Steel Buildings find the portal frame building for you

At Atlantic Steel Buildings, we are experts at constructing the best portal frame buildings for you. Our professional design, planning and installation service will guide you along the way to getting the best steel structure for your individual needs.

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