How to Erect a Steel Building

How to Erect a Steel Building

Monday 6th August 2018
Atlantic Steel Buildings

When it comes to erecting a steel building, many of our clients opt to do it by themselves, and why not? After all, materials and plans purchased from Atlantic Steel Buildings are designed with ease of construction in mind.

Here's our basic guide on how to put together a metal building.

Health and Safety

If you do erect the building yourself, do ensure that you do so safely. Don't try and lift heavy components without a forklift. Wear hard hats and safety boots. If the building is over, say 2.5m eaves, use a scissor lift or cherrypicker, with trained operatives, to work at height. You also may need safety netting or edge protection to work legally and safely on a roof at height. In sum, act safely and make this your priority and you will avoid accidents.


Perhaps the most important part of any construction project, you will need to consult your assembly instructions to see where the anchor bolts are expected to go and ensure that your supporting concrete slab is completely flat so that you can attach them easily.


You start with the rafter and the columns, as these are the heaviest parts of the frame, and essential to the structural integrity of your metal building. As with the rest of the building, these parts are pre-cut, welded, and punched in accordance with specifications, so should fit together perfectly. The rafters and columns form a portal and the portal can either be pre-assembled and hoisted into place with a telehandler, if it is a small building. Or the columns can be secured first and then rafters added after.

Purlins, girts and framed openings

These secondary parts of the frameworks add support and strength to both walls and roof and are bolted on brackets to the columns and rafters.

Walls and roof

Speaking of which, once the bulk of the framework has been erected, it is time to focus on the walls (including any insulation) and the sheeting for the roof. Again, being measured and largely cut to size, these parts should just slide right in, though they can prove cumbersome to manoeuvre.

Bells and whistles

Finally, you add the bits unique to your building: the trim, vents, windows, doors, and the like.

All Atlantic Steel Buildings come with a complete set of structural calculations at no extra charge and, if you choose to put it together yourself, full drawings are provided. Alternatively, we have a professional team of experts who are able to construct your building for you.

Whether using our service, or erecting a steel building on your own, get in touch with Atlantic Steel Buildings today on 01872 560488 or use our online quote request form to get a free, no-obligation quote.