How to Choose the Best Quality Steel Garage Kits

Steel Garage Kits

A steel garage is a great investment for either business or domestic use, but what makes a good steel garage, and what features should you be looking for when it comes to choosing from the range of steel garage kits on the market?

As one of the UK’s leading steel building suppliers, here are some of our top tips.
Plan ahead

When choosing a steel garage, always be thinking of tomorrow. What suits your needs in the here-and-now might be too small a year or two down the line. This is especially true if you plan to use the garage as a workshop or for a commercial venture. While more expensive at the outset, it will save you money in the long-run to go big now, rather than having to dismantle and rebuild later.


The whole point of buying a steel garage is to protect the vehicles or equipment you intend to store there. This means making sure your new steel building has been appropriately weather-proofed to protect it from the elements and insulated to prevent heat loss.


Any steel building is an investment and should be treated as such. At Atlantic Steel Buildings, we use only the best materials, ensuring a lifetime of use, given proper maintenance. This includes everything from the connecting bolts to the main body panels, as well as all fixtures and fittings, resulting in a steel garage that will take anything you can throw at it.

Designed for you
While you can certainly purchase an ‘off-the-shelf’ steel garage, the odds of it meeting your specific needs are likely to be slim. You need your metal building supplier to be able to tailor their designs to suit your needs, rather than the other way around.
Whatever your steel garage needs, Atlantic Steel Buildings has a solution for you. We have standard kits available for immediate purchase, or you can complete our online quote form at the top of the page for a bespoke design tailored to your own requirements.

Steel Garage Kits

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