Benefits of A Steel Building

At Atlantic Steel buildings we are passionate about the steel architecture that we build for clients all over the UK. For us, steel frame buildings have such an advantage and are the ideal building medium for a whole host of applications. But what is it that we love about these buildings and why do we feel they are preferred construction option for garages, outhouses, agricultural sheds, storage and more.

Steel Buildings Are Built To Last

Strength and durability are big concerns when considering a new structure. Problems with this will affect the longevity of the building, necessitating in repairs and incur costs that would be better avoided. We use a method of building called the portal frame method, which creates a very strong and durable steel structure for our building. All of our major parts are galvanised by adding a zinc coating for protection. All of this ensures that our structures are built to last, and require very little maintenance.

Sustainable Construction Practices

In 2019, no one should be making a building without considering the environment. Steel is made from mined iron, however, the majority of steel used currently is recycled. Steel is very easy to recycle and so can be reused again and again. If your steel building is no longer needed, the portal frame does not need to be thrown away or go to waste, it can simply be recycled. It may even be reincarnated as another steel constructed building!

Versatility To Create The Building You Need

The portal frame method also gives industrial steel buildings a great degree of versatility. The frames can be used to create a building of the size and shape that you need, and bespoke modifications are easily included. As a steel building supplier, all Atlantic Steel Buildings provide structural calculations, as well as a CAD image of the building.

Whatever your requirements, our experienced team will be able to advise. We pride ourselves on quality service with exceptional results. Contact us on 01872 560488 today to discuss your needs.



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