Popular uses for steel frame buildings

Popular Uses For Steel Frame Buildings

Here at Atlantic Steel Buildings, we have been creating and constructing steel frame buildings for customers across the UK for 13 years. Because we design our steel frame buildings from scratch, no two are the same – we can create a bespoke building to suit any specifications.

That said, there are certain uses for steel frame buildings that prove extremely popular among our clientele, and with good reason. Here are just a few of those, to give you some idea of the possibilities.

Domestic steel frame buildings

For our domestic customers, the most popular request we receive is for steel frame garages. This is normally because their current property doesn’t have a garage, or because they need another for their second car. A steel frame garage is the perfect choice, being much quicker to construct than a bricks and mortar equivalent.

Commercial steel frame buildings

Commercial steel buildings are put to all kinds of use. Many of our commercial clients use them in their garages and car service centres. Being light, airy, and easy to construct, they’re perfect for car repair and MOT buildings. Another popular choice is self-storage buildings. These tend to be constructed as enormous steel framed warehouses, capable of holding hundreds, if not thousands of individual storage containers. We also provide steel frame commercial buildings to some of the larger shops and department stores, particularly those that need a simple covered outbuilding. These include garden centres and DIY stores, among others.

Industrial steel frame buildings

When it comes to our industrial clients, almost by definition, their requests tend to be on a larger scale. That’s okay by us, since we pride ourselves on no job being too large. It makes perfect sense for them too, as industrial steel frame buildings prove highly cost-effective compared to other construction methods and materials. Over the years we have produced all manner of industrial buildings – everything from steel frame warehouses to aircraft hangers and production sheds.

No matter what function you need a steel frame building to fulfil, here at Atlantic Steel Buildings, we will produce something that matches your exacting specifications. Call us today on 01872 560488 to discuss your requirements and to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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