Is Your Steel Building Green?

In today’s climate it falls to all of us to minimise the environmental impact of our business decisions – decisions that include erecting new buildings. With so many construction options available, where do steel-framed buildings fall in terms of being eco-friendly?


The answer might surprise you.

Less waste

Steel-framed buildings are pieces of precision engineering. All the segments are pre-fabricated before being shipped to the construction site. Not only does this make construction of the building itself fast and simple, it also means there is little in the way of leftover parts. Indeed, the waste from a steel-framed building is less than 2%, compared to around 20% for the equivalent in a wood-based construction.


Steel is a highly-durable building material. With the right protective coating, it can withstand the elements for years without any further attention. This means less work for you, but also less damage to the environment. Not having to reapply paints, primers, and protection every 12 months or so means less harmful chemicals being produced and used.


The steel frames themselves provide good structural insulation. Aside from that, installing insulation into a steel-framed building could not be simpler. There are a variety of insulation options, from simple 40mm insulation up to Building Regulations options for workspaces and beyond. This results in minimal heat dispersion, which means lower heating bills for your, less energy production required, and less damage to the planet.

Solar-powered possibilities

One of the best ways to ensure your building is doing what’s right by the environment is to fit it with solar panels. While some building materials may struggle to bear the load, steel-framed buildings face no such problem. This allows for the installation of larger and more effective photovoltaic cells, meaning your building relies less-and-less on conventional energy production.

Eco-friendly production

Steel plants around the world have been working hard to convert their processes to a more environmentally-friendly model and, in most cases, they have succeeded. Carbon neutral steel plants are commonplace, with zero-emission plants being the next step for the industry. This compares favourably to timber plants and masonry works, both of which are still lagging behind the steel industry.


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