Why are Self Storage Units Usually Steel Buildings?

These days, every building could use more space, but extending a building is no easy endeavour to undertake. Traditionally constructed storage solutions are expensive, slow to install and often require serious maintenance to protect your belongings. However, self-storage has never been easier thanks to the durability, convenience, and security of using steel buildings to protect your business assets. A service that we at Atlantic Steel Buildings are happy to provide!

More room for your business

Ultimately, steel buildings are a fantastic way to provide your business with the storage space you so need in these challenging times. Utilising clear span design, this removes the need for interior support columns, clearing precious floor space and allowing you more storage for less square footage.

Fantastically quick to build

In general, they take half the time to build than your usual storage solution, thanks to the fact that your materials will arrive on site ready for your new building to be erected. These storage solutions can be built in days or weeks, as opposed to the lengthy timeframes of standard buildings, which often take months; precious time that you may not have.

An economic solution

And this also means that they can be up to half the price of what you would expect, with contractor and construction times much lower. We at Atlantic Steel Buildings are proud to offer you a fantastic quote to provide the storage you need, with the quality of build that you deserve, for an amazing price.

Cost effective maintenance

One thing that you don’t want to have to consider is having high budgeted costs for your storage every year to ensure that your assets are safe and secure. Wooden storage buildings are prone to rot, warping and bending when assailed by seasonal conditions. Steel buildings do not suffer from this, and last for decades without failure whilst being almost maintenance free, making them a cheaper solution to run with added peace of mind to boot.

If you’re looking for a steel building supplier for your business, contact Atlantic Steel Buildings on 01872 560488 for a free, no obligation quote and get your storage in order.

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