Bespoke Steel Building Designs and Colours?

Bespoke Steel Building Designs and Colours?

When it comes to steel building designs and installation, our top priority leans towards functionality and cost, whether you require one for storage, garage, barn or other sorts of large commercial structures. However, personal style preferences, aesthetic values or brand images may remain an important consideration if you want to make your investment worthwhile.
When ordering your building parts from us, you will have the freedom to pick the colour of the roof, interior/exterior walls, and other components as a whole. If you can visualise it, we can make it come to a reality when it comes to finishes for your steel building designs. The selection in colours, surface finish, and designs are almost endless.
By visiting our gallery, you can see our most common colour combinations. Our friendly team can help you choose the best colour palette, even if it means creating a custom colour not featured on our page.


Our manufacturers at Atlantic Steel Building will have a set of standard colours available, but custom colours are possible at an additional cost. Bear in mind that steel buildings will have an average life span lasting 20-50 years, and trendy colours may not hold the same aesthetic value in the long run. You will also need to consider how the colours can affect the interior temperature, with darker tones retaining heat better and lighter hues reflecting heat and keeping the building cooler.

Optimising colour combinations

Matching colours is never a simple walk in the park when you are overwhelmed with countless options. They need to match the structure and complement the surrounding environment and buildings nearby. Many combinations go well together, and using online tools like a colour visualiser can make this procedure easier. There is no wrong answer, but if you still have trouble deciding, visit our gallery pages to give you plenty of ideas.

Why choose Atlantic Steel Buildings?

Here at Atlantic Steel buildings, we offer many services to ensure that your steel building installation and component choices are fully optimised to meet your needs and wants. Our friendly team of skilled erectors have years of knowledge and experience in the industry so that we can offer the best advice and suggestions if you have trouble choosing a colour scheme design. Call us on 01872 560 488 for a free quote, and we can assist you with specification, planning and other enquiries.

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