Portal Steel Building

If you are looking to construct your steel building project or plans in a large open space, like a barn, industrial warehouse, or open-space workshops, then a portal steel building frame might be the solution to your construction needs and budget. When coming up with the blueprint design, it’s essential to start with the functions and purpose of the space. The activities that will occur in the space will determine the width and height of your portal steel frame.

If your primary requirements are large unobstructed floor areas and ease of mobility for manufacturing purposes, then a portal frame building can allow that by offering incredible flexibility for its occupants and all sorts of large industrial equipment. By expanding the span of the frame height, extra headspace can allow for tall storage spaces, large vehicles, additional floor spaces or tall machinery to be installed and positioned with ease.

Why are steel frame portal buildings ideal?

  • Sustainable high-grade British Steel
  • Economical for large scale projects and extensions
  • Extremely durable and can stand heavy loads
  • Can withstand strong wind gales and heavy downpours
  • Easy fabrication for custom sizes
  • Steel frames are highly resistant to fire

It is ideal to opt for steel frame portal buildings, especially if you are on a budget to construct large open space projects. It is exceptionally durable, and it can withstand extreme weather, and minimal interior finishing is necessary, making it great for such uses as aircraft hangers, agricultural structures, and more. When open space is at a premium, you can alternatively construct a low-rise multi-story frame like an office/warehouse unit where offices are located on the higher floor level, and the storage space is at the bottom level.

For any portal steel projects, we have you covered at Atlantic Steel Buildings

Atlantic Steel Buildings is one of the UK’s best suppliers of durable steel frame buildings. We provide a wide variety of steel frames to cover your structural needs from industrial, commercial, residential, workshop, agricultural, and any other building projects; we have you covered. Our friendly team of experts in steel buildings prides itself on our years of accumulated experience and a vast range of knowledge within the construction industry.

Our company has consistently supplied, designed, and installed portal steel buildings for many years. With our flexibility and positive reputation amongst our clients, we can confidently provide a comprehensive build and efficient service for all sorts of projects that you want to request. For a free no-obligation quote or further enquiries, make sure to call us today on 01872 560488, and we’d be more than happy to help you.

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