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Erecting a steel building is a massive undertaking. Naturally, you must be sure that it is constructed correctly and to the necessary specifications for the safety of all who may use it. Although you could choose to simply buy a steel building from us to erect yourself, why put this additional pressure on yourself? Here at Atlantic Steel Buildings, our steel building installation service will do the hard work for you.


Why use our steel building and window installation installation service?

Making sure your new steel building is constructed with windows installed in a safe and secure manner is critical. Not only will this ensure it is safe to use but it will also avoid any future costly repairs if the windows and wider structure is installed incorrectly. With this in mind, using our building and window installation service makes perfect sense.

Atlantic Steel Buildings can refer you to a team of highly skilled steel erectors ready to install your new building. These steel erectors have years of experience and a working knowledge of the industry that they bring to every project. This enables them to install and place windows in your steel building much faster and more accurately than you would be able to on your own. It also ensures that your new structure is finished to the very highest standards.

Why take chances when it comes to installing windows in a steel building you need?

Choose Atlantic Steel Buildings for amazing results.


We believe the service we offer is the best around. All our steel erectors have the training and certification required to operate the machinery needed to install your steel building and its windows to the highest standards. This means you can be sure that, when we put your building up, it is done by workers who know what they are doing.

The added bonus here is that we can work to your schedules to get your new structure built quickly, and you can be reassured that it is stable, will last for years to come, and will be compliant with your building insurance requirements.


Use us to install your new steel building and install its windows, and all you will have to worry about is how to organise your stock or furnishings.

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With so many choices on the market, choosing who to use for your new steel building and window installation can seem tricky. When you choose us, you can be sure of a name you can trust and a service that puts you first.

As the premier steel building and window installer and supplier in the UK, we have many years of experience in the sector. We have worked with many of the best known and largest names in the UK, from Mercedes-Benz to Marks & Spencer. In addition, we are happy to take on all steel building projects including erecting industrial/commercial steel buildings, schools or even a small garage in your garden.


The key to our superb installation service though is that we are in effect a one-stop solution. Not only can you buy your new steel building from us but we will put it up for you too. We even offer design and planning services which saves you lots of time and money compared to using separate suppliers.