Planning Service

One key consideration when getting ready to erect a new structure is the possibility of needing to gain planning permission. Don’t make the mistake of having your new steel building put in place and then finding out you don’t have the required permissions to do so. Our steel building planning service can help you get the planning permission you may need if the situation calls for it.

A great example of where planning permission would be needed is in the construction of aircraft hangars. Our skilled team will draw up the necessary aircraft hangar design and construction plans before our professional hangar builders do the rest.

Our architects have a fantastic 100% record in obtaining planning consent for the many previous projects we have worked on. In addition, we always strive to offer the most competitive prices to our customers. If you want the experts in your corner to make getting planning permission easier, give Atlantic Steel Buildings a call today.


Do I need planning permission?

Of course, the first question you need answering in this area is whether planning permission is needed. Finding out whether you do or not is vital for the success of your build. The most sensible advice is to always check with your local authority before beginning the project. Usually though, planning consent is needed in the following situations:


  • The new building is more than four metres high (with a pitched roof)
  • The application site is located in a conservation area, a national park or is adjacent to a listed building
  • The new building is going to be erected closer to a road than it is to the house
  • If you are planning on replacing an old garage, planning permission is not always needed. It’s wise to contact your local authority in this scenario though, to be sure

If you do find that you need planning permission after speaking to your local authority, get in touch with Atlantic Steel Buildings on 01872 560488 to help you through the process. Our steel building planning service will make obtaining the consent you need a smooth and hassle-free process.

Do I need to get building regulations approval?

As well as planning permission, some builds will also need building regulation approval. As above, it is best to speak with your local authority to double check this first. Normally though, building regulations approval would be needed if:


  • Your building is over 30 square metres
  • The new building is to be used for commercial purposes






Steel Building Planning Service


Let our planning service do the hard work

If you are embarking on a project that needs planning permission or building regulations approval, then let Atlantic Steel Buildings look after it for you.


From large commercial and industrial buildings to aircraft hangars, our experienced team can obtain the consent you require on your behalf. This will not only give you one less thing to think about but also give you more time to spend on the core build. Our fully qualified architects have many years of experience in this area and can use this to your advantage.