Steel Portal Frame Buildings

At Atlantic Steel Buildings we are proud to use steel portal frame buildings in kit form across our range. Using a portal frame building means the structure itself is constructed in individual bays. The bigger the overall building when completed, the more bays there will be.

As a designer and supplier of steel buildings, we believe this method is the best for a whole host of uses, from commercial or industrial steel buildings to steel frame garage kits.


How do portal framed buildings work?

When building a quality steel structure in this way, we will work in two portal sections. Each of these sections consists of two posts and two rafters which are joined by the portal frame itself. These two sections are then joined by attaching purlins horizontally between them.


What are the advantages of building this way?

As a steel building supplier, we love working in this way. The portal frame method creates very strong, safe and durable buildings that you can rely on. They are also inexpensive which means you get top-quality results at superb value.

The steel purlins we use during construction can be packed into very compact bundles due to their shape. This means we can transport a large building in a more efficient way, thus reducing any transportation costs. We are always looking for extra ways to give our customers better value and this is just one example of that.



Steel Portal Frame Building kits

Atlantic Steel Buildings offers a personal service

By using steel structures that can be erected in this way, it also means that the steel itself can be cut to the exact size needed by the manufacturers. This is a real bonus for our customers as wastage is eliminated and time is saved by not having to cut them to size on site.


No welding required

The real beauty of our buildings is that there is no welding required to join them together. The method of erecting our portal framed buildings is quick and easy, with faster results for you. Unlike some of our competitors, we always bolt our steel connections rather than using self-tapping screws. This makes for a much tougher, stronger and secure steel building when finished.

In addition, all the major parts Atlantic Steel Buildings use are galvanized. This gives a real longevity to any building we erect for you and makes them essentially maintenance free. Depending on the build location, our cladding finish is also guaranteed for up to 30 years.


‘Choose Atlantic Steel Buildings for outstanding results

The net result of the buildings we use and how we construct them is that you get superior results. All our buildings are engineered to the BS5950 standards with full structural calculations included for building control at no extra cost. In addition, all the steel framed building kits we stock carry official CE marks. The cladding we use includes insulated panels to fully comply with Industrial Fire Regulations and Boundary Fire Conditions.

Our buildings are quick to build, extremely strong and pleasing to the eye. Most importantly, they are also easy on your pocket. We are delighted to offer all these benefits to our customers along with a professional design service so you receive the building you need.

All of our buildings come with a full set of structural calculations included in the cost of your build. Not only does this save you money but it also gives you peace of mind that your building is designed correctly. We will give you the calculations in black and white so you can see for yourself that all bases are covered.

Also included in our superb value service are a free set of engineering drawings with each build. This will enable you to actually see what you are purchasing for full transparency. It will also enable our expert installer to erect your new steel building faster.

We place our customers at the heart of what we do – by offering the above as part of the standard package, we are making sure you know how much we value you.