Planning Permission Made Easy

Expert Planning Service

Whether you’re working on a large industrial project or a single building, it’s vital to have any necessary permission in place before you start work. Getting planning permission is not always a straightforward process and can hold up projects, leaving you to feel frustrating when you just want to get on with the job.

That’s why many Atlantic Steel Buildings customers turn to our expert planning service. With years of expertise behind them, our planners have a remarkable 100% success rate in getting plans approved. Here’s everything you need to know about planning permission.

When planning permission is necessary

If you’re replacing an existing domestic building with a new one of similar dimensions, you probably won’t need planning permission at all – but it’s still important to check. Any other steel frame buildings will almost certainly need permission, including retail units, commercial garages, aircraft hangars and similar structures.

Working with the local planning department

The Government’s Planning Portal website has a useful checklist which may help you determine what permissions you need. When contacting your local authority, be sure to have precise and thorough plans and records to hand to make communication straightforward.

Amendments and negotiations

You’ll often be able to make a pre-application which can save time by highlighting any changes you may need to make before submitting your actual application. You may also find that your approval is subject to conditions, such as restrictions on operating hours, so be prepared to compromise if necessary.

Planning permission and building regulations

Larger and commercial steel buildings are subject to building regulations approval. This is in addition to planning permission, so unless your project is small, you are likely to need both.

As experts in bespoke and standard steel buildings, Atlantic Steel Buildings can provide all the help and guidance you need in regards to planning permission. Just give us a call on 01872 560488 to find out what our expert planning service can do for you.

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