6 Famous Steel Buildings Around the World

For many decades, steel buildings’ success is evident worldwide. The use of steel has been essential for erecting different types of architecture globally ever since the Industrial Revolution.

Here is a list of 6 famous and iconic steel buildings around the world.

Taipei 101 Tower: Taiwan

Boasting a height of roughly half a kilometre, the Taipei 101 Tower is up there with the list of the tallest steel structures around the world. The tower is a testament to the durability and resilience of a steel-made landmark. Consisting of 101 floors and combined with 61 elevators, this iconic building was added to the Seven Wonders of Engineering by the discovery Channel.

The Gherkin:  United Kingdom

Also known as 30 St. Mary Axe, it stands at 180 metres tall with 41 floors, and the second tallest building in London. Approximately 47,000 square meters of office space, with a selection of shops and cafes.

Beijing National Stadium: Beijing

Also known as the Bird’s Nest Stadium, the Beijing National Stadium captivated the whole world when the 2008 Olympics showcased this architectural wonder. The stadium is constructed with over 42,000 tonnes of steel, reigning it as the largest steel building in the world.

The Steel House: Texas

The Steel House was designed by Robert Bruno, famously known for his unique forms of steel sculptures. Bruno designed the house with the intention of emulating how it would feel to occupy the hollow interiors of his steel sculptures. Whilst this landmark is more on the smaller side, the steel house is regarded as one of the unique steel buildings to have been built.

Gateway Arch: Missouri

The centrepiece landmark of St. Louis, this monumental arch structure is the highest arch in the world. The arch is made with carbon-steel for the interior infrastructure, whilst the exterior is finished with stainless steel for a contemporary look. The Gateway Arch was commissioned to symbolise the optimism and growth of America’s ever-growing nation.

Burj Khalifa: Dubai

The list would be incomplete without the inclusion of the tallest building in the world, the magnificent and luxurious Burj Khalifa. Consisting of 163 floors and constructed with over 31,000 tonnes of steel rebars, the steel tower building without a doubt is one of the most well known modern structures in the world. Since its inception in 2009, the landmark has become a popular tourist destination.

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