How to Insulate a Steel Building

Steel Building Insulation

There are many reasons why steel buildings might benefit from added insulation. As the premier provider of steel buildings nationwide, here are a few tips on how to go about it:

Do I need to insulate?

If your steel building is sited in the UK, the answer is almost certainly “yes”. With the turbulent weather we get in this country, insulation is a must, allowing your steel buildings to be heated and cooled with greater efficiency.

What insulation material should I use?

We use composite insulation for all new steel buildings. With steel being such an excellent conductor of heat, installing insulation outside the frame and the panels maintains the warmth from your steel building inside, preventing heat loss, thus increasing energy efficiency. Likewise, on hot days like we’ve experienced this past summer, it will keep external heat out, preventing your steel building from becoming an oven.

How to install radiant barrier insulation

It’s a fairly simple process:

1. First, don’t attempt this on a windy day!
2. Make sure the framework is set up and your panels are standing by, ready to be attached.
3. Use butyl tape on the seams, applying vertically from the very top to the bottom.
4. Always work on one side of your steel building at a time.
5. Tape your seams together on the roof as well as the walls and follow Kingspan’s instructions on stitcher scew and wall screw position.
6. Attach the panels by screwing the teck screws right through both the panels and insulation, and directly into the metal frame.
Remember, when you purchase a steel building from Atlantic Steel Buildings, we are able to advise you on the best type of insulation to meet your needs. Contact us on 01872 560488, or complete the quote request form on our website.


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